Bellow Elements Expansion Joints

Bellow Elements Expansion Joints are exclusively manufactured to meet the customer drawings and are provided with collars at both ends. These bellows membranes are further processed by our clients by attaching the required end connections and accessories.We also manufacture and supply only Bellows Membranes , Bellows Elements in bulk quantities as intermediate product for the manufacture of expansion joints further.

bellow elements expansion joints
Bellow Element Expansion Joint with Pipe Ends
bellow elements
Bellow Elements Expansion Joints

But attaching the end connections to bellows elements expansion joints requires a high degree of skill coupled with dimensional accuracy.Standard size Bellows Membranes are available in Single-Ply/Single-Wall or Multi-ply/Multi-Wall constructions with collar bands at both ends suitable to with stand pressures of 6 bar(85 psi)/10 bar(150 psi)/16 bar(225 psi)/20 bar(300 psi). These bellows elements can be supplied at a desired frequency to meet the demand in bulk quantities just in time.

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 bellow elements expansion joints bellow elements expansion joints