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Flexpert Bellows Pvt Ltd established in 1992, exclusively with a prime objective to manufacture world class expansion bellows,  has now become a globally accepted provider of flexible piping systems exporting  to more than 40 countries with a wide installation base covering almost all industrial sectors including and as diverse as nuclear power and space programs .

Our adherence to the highest standards of quality and precision makes us experts in Flexible Piping Systems,hence the name Flexpert Bellows.  Supporting  this dedication to quality is our ISO-9001 certified system for designing, manufacturing and testing armed and equipped with the latest state of the art technology.

Majority of our Expansion Bellows products are customized solutions.  It means that we design and produce pipe expansion joints or metal expansion joints in accordance with close interaction with the customer requirements. Furthermore, we are often involved with our customers in design and development of new products for challenging applications.

All major industrialized manufacturing processes that require piping and changes in temperature trust up on our expansion bellows products and services ,Petro Chemical, Power generation, Fuel Cell Power Systems, Electrical Distribution Market, Industrial Gases, Chemical Processing, Oil and Gas Distribution, Utility piping , Solar Technology, Steel, Cement, Shipbuilding  to name a few.

All our designs of custom built as well as standard metal expansion joints are optimized as per the universally accepted industry standards known as  EJMA. Under the guidelines of these standards, Flexpert offers a complete range of metal expansion joints with the ability to design joints to every individual customer requirements. Flexpert bellows expansion joints carry additional safety factors to ensure long fatigue life of  expansion bellows.

Though we offer a wide range of flexible components, we’re especially proud of our Metal Bellows Expansion joints. These metallic bellows expansion joints and allied products enjoy high recommendations from our global clients like General Electric, Nestle, Siemens, Bosch, Wartsila and Alstom to name a few.

Engineering and design has been done as per EJMA standards. Design calculations are performed using design software developed in-house and calculations are further checked using hand calculations.

Flexpert Bellows believe that our strong faith in client feedback coupled with our relentless commitment towards the highest possible product quality standards makes our piping expansion joints such a success.

Behind this success is a team of dedicated engineers and visionaries with expertise in all types of expansion joints and pipe expansion applications. Our team boasts of an extensive background in design, engineering and producing metal bellows, compensators, hoses and fabric and rubber joints.

Our commitment to quality of expansion joint, pipe expansion compensators and metal bellows starts at the quotation stage itself. The products are produced using software designed by our able engineers using extensive field research and then tested in our in-house testing facilities before delivery.

Having established and maintained a name that resonates with quality, state of the art technology and customer satisfaction you can rest assured that all your flexible piping needs will be met with the finest product standards from the house of Flexpert the leading manufacturer of metal bellows expansion joints.

Different Types of Metal Expansion Joints

One of our regular export range of pump connectors up to DN 600 size for suction and discharge to absorb mis-alignme….

Steel expansion joints.These are 8 of the many joints designed and manufactured by us for water pumping station …..

These exhaust bellows are being designed and manufactured by us for ur esteemed clients worldwide.

World Wide Clients Trust Flexpert Bellows Expansion Joints

  • GE

  • We have received the bellows and thank Flexpert Bellows for assisting us by manufacturing these bellows in such a short timeframe. We appreciate your promptness in processing our order and your efforts in sorting the transportation hurdles–S.Topinkatti, NDSQ – Qatar

  • “2005 was a great year,the year of the inaugurations of our new  coffee factory. You have contributed to this success and Nestle Kuban thank you again for your support and wishes you Merry Christmas and a successful New year.”–Nestle Kuban, Nestle – Russia

  • Despite the big distance that separates our countries,we are convinced that we have found a reliable and solid partner for current and future project.–Roman Wagner, Ondrostroj – Czech Republic

  • we have received the outstanding bellows from you. These are very good and look forward to doing business with you in the future.–Warren Harris, Heron Construction – Australia

  • I am very happy with the service & support you have given to us.–Yuan Zhenzhi, Nestle – UK

  • Its been a pleasure doing business with your company.–Matt Singleton, Atlas Copco – USA

  • burea


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