Manufacturers of Metal Bellows & Pipe Expansion Joints

In 2011, expansion bellows and joints manufacturers Precision Expansion Bellows Industries (estd. 1992) took on a new identity by the name of Flexpert Bellows. What did not change however, is our adherence to the highest standards of quality and precision that makes us experts in Flexible Piping Systems. Supporting this dedication to quality is our ISO-9001 certified design, manufacturing and testing facility armed and equipped with the latest technology.

Though we offer a wide range of flexible components, we’re especially proud of our Metal Bellows Expansion joints. These metallic bellows expansion joints and allied products enjoy high recommendations from clients like General Electric, Nestle, Siemens, Bosch, Wartsila and Alstom to name a few.

We believe that our strong faith in client feedback coupled with our relentless commitment towards the highest possible product quality standards makes our metallic bellows expansion joints such a success.

Behind this success is a team of dedicated engineers and visionaries with expertise in all type of expansion joint and pipe expansion. Our team boasts of an extensive background in design, engineering and producing metal bellows expansions, compensators, hoses and fabric and rubber joints. Hence, specific application demands have and will never be a challenge for us at Flexpert.

Our commitment to quality of expansion joint, pipe expansion and metal bellows starts at the quotation stage. The products are produced using software designed by our able engineers using extensive field research and then tested in our in-house testing facilities before delivery.

Having established and maintained a name that resonates with quality, state of the art technology and customer satisfaction you can rest assured that all your flexible piping needs will be met with the finest products from the house of Flexpert the leading manufacturer of metal bellows.


Featured Metal Expansion Joints

Axial expansion joints are the simplest type of steel bellows metal expansion joints. They are compact requiring virtually no additional space beyond the length of bellows and weld ends or flanges for installation.


The lateral expansion joints for piping also called as tied universal or tied lateral expansion joints and are used to absorb lateral deflection and angular rotation. Can also be used in place of hinged/gimbal joints.


Hinged expansion joints are used to absorb angular movement when it occurs in only one plane. Hinged expansion joints are also called as angular or hinged bellows. Joints are used in sets of 2 or 3 at a change in pipe direction.



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