Pump Connectors

The basic function of bellows flexible Pump Connector Expansion Joint is to provide piping system with the required flexibility and pump vibration isolation to absorb vibrations and noise transmitted by mechanical equipment , compensate for thermal growth and work as stress free pump connectors to the connected equipment like Pumps and Compressors.

flexible pump connector
Pump Connectors with Flanges
flexible pump connector
Flexible Pump COnnectors

Bellows flexible Pump Connectors are compact, extremely flexible assemblies designed to protect critical mechanical equipment like pump and compressors and reduce noise created by vibration and fluid pulsations. The bellows flexible pump connectors are all steel construction with flexible bellows element in stainless steel, thus permitting high pressure and temperature service while absorbing axial movements and vibrations to provide perfect pump vibration isolation.

Minimum loads and vibrations are transferred between equipment and piping. Bellows pump connectors also provide compensation for misalignment which eliminates stresses and saves labour during installation. They can be used as dismantling joint for tongue and groove joints providing quicker dismantling. The convoluted or bellows element is manufactured from laminated or multiple layers of thin stainless steel . The laminated multiply construction provides the ultimate flexibility combined with low spring rate and internal dampening of vibration which results in to pump vibration isolation and high service life without compromising pressure resistance strength.

flexible pump connector
Pump Connectors

Installation location for the flexible pump connector at suction and discharge of pump.

flexible pump connector

Bellows Flexible Connector Sketch

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 flexible pump connector flexible pump connector


  • Absorbs thermal growth in the piping and provides protection to adjacent piping and equipments.
  • Provides compensation for mis-alignments and eliminates stress.
  • Absorbs mechanical equipment vibrations in the connected piping.
  • Noise associated with the vibration is eliminated.
  • Multiply laminated construction provides high flexibility and longer trouble free service life for Bellows Pump Connector.
  • Lowers overall operating costs.
  • Service life is substantially higher compared to Rubber Expansion Joints which can crack due to weathering in hostile environment.