Metal Expansion Joints

FlEXPERT BELLOWS has supplied high quality metal expansion joints to industry for more than 40 years. The Flexpert Bellows name is recognized around the world as the leader for best manufacturer and global exporter for innovative technical solutions and highly reliable products. Flexpert Bellows expansion joints are used in a wide variety of piping applications to compensate for thermal pipe expansion or contraction, and to absorb equipment vibration or pipe motions. These products provide piping system flexibility under extreme operating conditions.

Flexpert Bellows manufactures

  • Single Metal Expansion Joints.
  • Double Metal Expansion Joints
  • Internally Guided Metal Expansion Joints
  • Swing Expansion Joint.

Bellows materials utilized include stainless steels, nickel based alloys, titanium, aluminum and many others for extreme pressure, temperature and corrosive conditions.

Flexpert Bellows expansion joint business is focused on providing engineering excellence, responsive and timely deliverable, and dedication to customer success and satisfaction.

Single Metal Expansion Joints

The simplest form of expansion joint, of single bellows construction, for the purpose of absorbing any combination of the three basic movements of the pipe section in which it is installed

Double Metal Expansion Joints

A double expansion joint consists of two bellows jointed by a common connector which is anchored to some rigid part of the installation by means of an anchor base.  The anchor base may be attached to the common connector either at installation or at time of manufacture.  Each bellows acts as a single  expansion joint and absorbs the movement of the pipe section in which it is installed independently of the other bellows.  Double expansion joints should not be confused with universal expansion joints.

Internally Guided Metal Expansion Joints

An internally-guided metal expansion joint is designed to provide axial guiding within the expansion  joint by incorporating a heavy internal guide sleeve, with or without the use of bearing rings. The use of an internally-guided expansion joint does not eliminate the necessity of using adequate external pipe guides nor will its use prevent bellows instability.

Swing Metal Expansion Joints

A swing metal expansion joint is one containing two bellows joined by a common connector designed to absorb lateral deflection and / or angular rotation in one plane.  Pressure thrust and extraneous forces are restrained by the use of a pair of swing bars,